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Meryl Streep: Graphics Galore!

Merylmania: Get ready to be Streepteased!
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Meryl Streep: Graphics Galore!

first thing's first:
Welcome to all who come across this community. Streeptease is a community made by musicinferno
and was created on August 12th, 2009. It includes graphics that are Meryl Streep related, so Streepers, come on in! What this community has to offer is a lot, but it will take some time since it has just begun.

BE KIND Even if certain graphics aren't your cup of tea, please be kind and optimistic. It is a form of inspired art, and for that give at least a little credit for the effort.
CREDIT If you see something you like in this community, please credit Streeptease, not musicinferno. You never know if a Meryl fan sees your icon and wants to know where you got it from. :)
POSTING/PROMO As stated before, only I (Coleen/musicinferno) can post, because it is a community of my graphics. Promotions to new communities are welcome, but please message my journal if you wish to. I love welcoming new Meryl-related comms. Promotions to other graphics (linking to your journal and all) are not.
meryl who?
If you do not know who Meryl Streep is, you clearly have been born yesterday. She is considered by most people the Greatest Living Actress. Of course Meryl fans think that, but for you who don't, you should really look at it in a whole new way. She is a very inspirational woman and is probably the only actress who has become a household name without scandals of some sort. She plays award-winning roles and captures the audience everytime she graces the screen. Her eyes are the window to her soul, her character. As Jim Carrey said "God bless you, as you have blessed us, and as he has blessed us through you."

You may not know me, not a lot of people do. But my real name is Coleen. (Girl to the right of the banner = Coleen = Me.)I attend an all-girls school in Scaborough, Ontario and I am easily inspired by all forms of art. Writing, performing, and designing is what keeps me going. My two inspirations are Madonna and Meryl Streep. I consider Meryl the Madonna in the acting industry, and Madonna the Meryl in the music industry. Both have done everything and cannot be more wonderful. Don't like them? Close this window!
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